Vista Del Mar School District

Vista del Mar District was founded in 1926 and was originally two schools, Orella and Las Cruces. The schools were nestled along the coastline of Gaviota before being relocated to the present location in 1992, where it is now Vista de las Cruces in the Vista del Mar Union School District. The school is surrounded by California State Parks on San Julian Road, the old Highway 1. 

Vista is steeped in history that goes beyond its construction and extends to the families who attend the school. The connection to family is great with many district traditions that include families and the surrounding community, such as the Thanksgiving Feast where students make a Thanksgiving and enjoy it as a school joined by their family and friends. Vista also embraces the natural world that surrounds the campus. Traditionally, the entire school and community embark on a hike after they enjoy their Thanksgiving meal on the trail that begins where the school property ends. 

The TK-8 district prides itself on small class sizes, individualized instruction to meet the needs of each child, enrichment opportunities, and a learning environment that is supportive of all. Students get the opportunity to also enjoy amazing food, made from scratch for breakfast and lunch. After school programs offer additional opportunities for exercise and enrichment. Students in the upper grades can also participate in the middle school sports program where students compete with other small schools in the Santa Ynez Valley. 

Vista is committed to educating the whole child and ensuring that every child feels welcome, included and valued. This unwavering commitment to children is what keeps generation after generation returning to Vista to learn.